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Project Location:
    North Raleigh

Project Program:
    1) Create a way to attach an existing detached 2-
    story garage structure with the existing main

    2) Incorporate a new first floor family room,
    powder room, laundry room and side entry within
    the addition, as well as direct access to the
    existing garage

    3) Open the family room addition up to the
    existing kitchen

    4) Add a connection from the main house to the
    second story of the garage so that a new bonus
    room can be created and will be accessible from
    within the new addition
Design Outcome: New side entry and connection between existing house and detached garage
Design Outcome: New family room serving as connecting space between existing kitchen and
new bonus room on the second floor of the existing garage
Interior of new family room
Connection to existing kitchen and rest of house
Looking toward stair to new bonus room (left) and new
entrance from driveway (right)
New entrance from existing driveway outside
(left) and inside (right)
Stair connecting new addition to
second floor of existing garage
Exterior photos showing existing garage (left) and new addition (right)
Double doors leading to future screened porch
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